Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wee Folk

I splurged on Wee Folk New Adventures by Sally Mavor this weekend. I have been smitten with her work for several years. 

It's a lovely large format book full of colorful photos of Sally's work. But I think at its heart, it's a maker book chock full of patterns, inspiration and how-to's.   As one who loves to embellish, and work with bits of wool and thread, it was lots of fun.   I worked on two wee fairy girls this weekend and once I started, it was hasta la vista weeds - there's fairies to be made. 

 Check out Sally's Website and blog at I tracked Sally Mavor down on the web after viewing her piece titled Rabbitat online. And then I found Birds of Beebe Woods, a fiber relief.  I am in awe of her magic with fiber. 

Sally has a thoughtful blog about Artist Privacy and the creative process.  Check it out.

So these are the photos of my first two wee ones.  Their fairy names shall remain concealed to those outside the fairy world, though I will ask my niece for help in giving them a second name for our world.  I feel certain they will be joined by others.