Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sewing with my niece

My 13-year old niece spent a few days with me over Christmas break.  I had a great time, and I think she did too.  This was her second overnight visit, and she's worked on sewing projects each time she is here. All the sewing aside, we did leave time for brownies, homemade nachos, watching several of the Harry Potter movies again, as well as the animated moves Frozen and Inside Out.

My niece is a cat-lover.  While she was visiting, she received a morning text from home each day with a photo and message about her kitty, Honeybee.  One sewing project she picked to work on was Little Kitty from Melly and Me.  We each made a kitty.  I demo'd each step on my creamy, white felted wool kitty and she completed all the sewing and handwork on her cotton print grey kitty.  I've made this pattern before, and the corners are tight for turning and stuffing.  It's easy to clip the corners to close to the seam line, and have a seam pop out while you are stuffing.   I can tell you that making it with white felted wool was a breeze.  The slight stretch and give resulted in easy construction and stuffing. The cotton print my niece worked with was a bit more tricky. It turned out to be smaller in stature.  We were happy with it as well.

During her stay, my niece primarily worked on a quilted cotton square pillow top using the Candy Dish pattern by little Jaybird Quilts.  She planned it as a Mother's Day gift, but I've since been told it was scarcely out of the car and into the house before it was gifted to my sister...a little New Year's present, I think.  Its a good pattern and I can see it in felted wool as a future project.