Saturday, May 21, 2016

Repurposed wool over-the-body bag

This over-the-body bag was a special request from a friend who loves sweaters.  She started with re-purposed wool from my felted sweater collection, and then we selected hand dyed felted wool for the body of the bag.  I just love this bag pattern.  I've made it half a dozen times this year.  It's got a pocket on each side, that holds quick-to-reach items like a phone, or key snugly.  Then it's got a zipper pouch in the middle, and one set of inside pockets for even more organizing.  I started originally working from a pattern for a very small bag, and have adjusted and made the pattern my own.  This size is roughly 7  inches by 9 inches.

I I see each pocket as an opportunity to change it up and try something new.  I developed this modern daisy motif for pincushions.  Now enlarged, it's just right for the pocket.  The front pocket features a goldenrod yellow flower, that is reverse appliqued under the felted wool sweater.  Then I added the brown center.  The stitching around the center gathered the fabric slightly  and inspired me to trapunto the center to form a small peak.  I exaggerated the dimensional quality for further stitching and applique.  I love this raised quality.

The second pocket is a more subdued blue wool applique with embroidery embellishment.  I worked the stitches in #8 pearl cotton.