Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cat Pad

Our cat, Mieux, has a penchant for going where she should not.  That's how she came to live with us.  One morning, my friend's car, parked on the street in front of the house, had been rifled through and left in disarray.  When we popped the trunk to see what remained, out jumped a half grown kitten.  I used to think perhaps the hoodlams who ransacked the car left her in exchange.  Knowing her better, as I do now, I believe she may have climbed in of her own volition during the break in.  Any small opening has a magnetic attraction.  A split second after she spies it, she's in it!

Or on it!   Whether it's piles of felted wool waiting to be packaged, fabric grouped in a bin, or stacks of quilts out for display, Mieux knows how to make herself comfortable.  The sewing table is just about her favorite place to be....but only when I'm working.  Shooshing her off just doesn't work.  She silently slinks back as soon as I'm not looking.  I've recently decided to use to human psychology with Mieux and "redirect" her to a better place.  Her very own felted wool Cat Pad.

I asked my friend and wool dyer, Finch, for some scrap wool.  She dug deep into her recently purchased wool remnants bag and pulled out some narrow pieces that we didn't know how we would use because they were a heavier weight of wool, and filled with thread stitches joining separate pieces together.  A few days later she produced this lovely agean  blue wool felt.  I was ready to start.  Mieux couldn't wait to help.    I improvised using the characteristics of the pieces.  There were dye lot labels that read "BE", spiky fringe, and lines of white joining stitches.  To this I added a few kitty instructions to BE PLAYFUL and BE SLEEPY.

Sometimes,  Mieux uses her cat pad. 
And sometimes, Mieux still goes where she should not......

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